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clarify your message

What to say on your website

note: this post is compiled and adapted from the work of Donald Miller, “Building a Story Brand“.  Remember mission statements? ” The mission of our program is to bring to life the American Express value of good corporate citizenship by supporting diverse communities in ways that enhance the company's reputation with employees, customers, business partners and…
business site review

Let's review your business website

A Review   You need to review your current business website so you'll understand what you need to change to grow your company.   First, what is the Purpose of having a website?   Simply, you need a website in order to be competitive and market your business. Over 85% of customers will find your business by…
understand seo

Understanding SEO

Understand SEO? Let me (attempt to) put some issues in perspective.     As of 2018, according to Internet Live Stats, there are over 1.9 trillion websites. A website is any valid domain name. Of this number, less than 200 million are active websites. The rest are inactive, or parked domains. (Now you know why it's so hard to…
content that ranks | seospaces

Best content workflow to rank on Google

Want to know how to write content that ranks?   To get your content to rank, there are a number of issues you must address. Your content must be relevant and useful. You must employ on-site and off-site SEO techniques, and You need to develop an effective workflow. I discuss items relevance and SEO techniques in…
does your website suck | seospaces

Does Your Website Suck?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but deep down, you already knew you had a dysmal website. I mean, no one comes to your site. There are no leads and quite frankly, you're wondering why you even have the site. Do you know how much traffic your site has? If your developer has…
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