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Does Your Website Suck?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but deep down, you already knew you had a dysmal website.

I mean, no one comes to your site. There are no leads and quite frankly, you're wondering why you even have the site.

Do you know how much traffic your site has?
If your developer has set up your Google analytics correctly you can check with Google or use a WordPress Plugin to check on your website.

Want to check right now?

Just go to and enter your web address.

You'll be given information on your traffic right away, and it should look like the following which was done for Liberty Mutual:

Here are the results:

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 8.26.37 AM.jpg

So, if your site has 1.2 million organic visitors, you probably don't have anything to worry about. If it's closer to 200, you may want to continue reading this article.

What did you expect?


The web developer told you, you would see all kinds of traffic but that never happened. Everyone has a website, so you didn't want to be the odd person out.

No one in-house knew anything about websites or about the Internet so you went with your gut. Smart. They had a ton of examples to choose from. Add your logo and colors and you were set.

You even set up a committee to steer the project to completion.

Problem is, once developed, no one knew how to keep it up or make any changes. Fortunately for you, you have a millennium on the admin staff and he or she took control. Hopefully, they stay employed with you.


So, why doesn't your website perform?


1) You never really answered the question – What is the purpose of this site?


Everyone has a site.

But, that's not a strategy.

Ready, fire, aim, and here it is.

You need to do better.


2) Your web developer doesn't know squat about your business.


I know, I know, they specialize in your industry.

And, everyone uses them. They're kinda the only game in town.

But, they still don't know anything about your business and even more, they don't know anything about marketing.

Can't blame them. Effective marketing is another level of long-term services and you only wanted a website.


3) Your website sucks because you used a committee to complete the web project.


I understand, no one knows anything about web developing or Internet marketing, so here's a solution, get a bunch of people who know nothing about web developing and Internet marketing and put them on a committee.

Even with a committee, it was still the Highest Paid Person's Opinion (HIPPO) that won the decisive battles. Right?

Can you imagine what a giraffe would look like if it were designed by committee? Enough said.


4) Your website sucks because it doesn't meet your client needs.


Why do clients and potential clients even go to your website?

If you don't even know the answer to that question, you're in real trouble.

Successful sites start with what questions the client or prospect has in mind and why they go to your site.

The site is then developed around meeting their needs and answering their questions.

What about your site?


5) Your website sucks because it's all about me, me, me.


Here's a typical bad website's menu options:
Our Vision,
Our Team,
About Us,
How we started,
Our History,
Our Philosophy,
Our Services.
Me, me, me.

What about a good site:
plan for a home,
plan for retirement,
plan for college,
Why Us?
You, you, you.


How about a call to action

Bad sites: Sign up for Updates, Want to get on our mailing list?
Good sites: We make countless smart decisions. You just need to make one put us to work for you.

6) Your website sucks because the articles and blog posts are not designed for normal people.


Articles from bad sites:
Buying during the purge.
Catching some falling knives in a credit squeeze.
On pricing, not forecasting.

Articles from a good site:
When to sell your employee stock.
A parent's perspective on planning for college.
Stock market corrections not as scary as you think.

Obviously, you need to cater the information to your clients, your prospective clients and their needs.

Better to show them you care vs. showing them how intelligent you are.


7) Your website sucks because the last post is dated December 2013 and there are no posts at all on your Facebook timeline.


Whatever you do online, either go all out or don't do it.

Nothing is worse than blatant evidence of the lack of attention to detail on your website.


8) Your mission statement drags.


Bad mission statement:
We are committed to assisting you in making informed decisions about your financial future, allowing you to live with confidence in your financial independence, security, and sustainability, both now and throughout your life. We will guide you in creating a legacy plan leading to preservation of not only your family assets but also your family ideals, values, and purposes; thereby making an enduring difference in the lives of those you love. We will be there to watch over their interests and provide the guidance so that they can be as diligent and prudent with the wealth management as you have been. Your wishes will be respected and your loved ones protected. Blah, blah, blah.
Good mission statement:
Our mission: to help you make the most of your money.

9) Your bio is never read.


Bad bio:
Bob Smith, Chairman and CEO Bob co-founded XYZ in 2009 and has led numerous investments in a variety of industries. He is a member of the firm's Investment Committee and currently serves on the Board of Directors of MEY, Corp, Bucko International, OnePint, Red Tractors, TE Higgins, Thorpe Medical, Trinity Steele and ABC Intl. He also serves on several philanthropic boards including the Coin Foundation, Menille Foundation, Trinity Hospital and the Museum of Modern Art in Denver.

Prior to founding XYZ, Bob was Senior Vice President of Distant Investing, a Denver RIA and Senior Vice President of Smith Barney in the Investment Banking Division. Bob has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Chicago and a Masters of Business Administration from the Tuck School of Business Administration in Austin, Texas.
Bob is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Certified Public Accountant, and an Enrolled Agent. He is married to his wife of thirty years and has three sons, Bob Jr, Bill and Brat and a daughter, Sherry.
He spends his free time playing with his two collies, plays golf and goes to the Universal Espispicol Church in Aurora, Colorado,

Good bio:
Phil Write, CFA
Phil Write is the VP of Research at XYZ. Phil holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Business Economics, both from Stanford University. Prior to XYZ, he worked in the quantitative equity strategy groups at Goldman Sachs. Outside of work, Phil enjoys traveling and the outdoors.


Please, no one cares. Make it short, personal, and to the point. Leave your LinkedIn link if you want them to know your entire life's history.


10) Your website reeks because you saved money on a graphic designer, a copywriter, and a web developer.


Perhaps you didn't even use a copywriter. After all, you wrote the bio above.

Clipart is certainly good enough for graphics.

Finally, some web development companies offer their service for $59 a month, you can certainly save there.

And that's why you have the site you currently have.




If you spend the time to review the websites of businesses you quickly recognize that most are nothing more then digital brochures. Outside of a few reasonably good looking sites, they are ultimately worthless.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Principles and Senior Managers need to recognize the following:

  • Start with a strategy. What is it that you expect from your website?
  • Recognize that the web developer needs to truly understand your business and offer SEO and marketing skill.s
  • There is much more to a website than most understand. Your developer needs to deploy a copywriter, graphics artist, SEO specialist and Social Media specialist as well as web developer.
  • Quality and results cost.
  • The developer's responsibilities don't end with the web launching. Although someone in-house may be involved, the developer and SEO team needs to be committed for the long term.
  • This is not the time for committee decisions, and a high-level manager needs to be the point person.


If you're interested in finally developing a website that is truly part of your companies marketing effort, we can accomplish that. I can handle all the details and ensure that your site finally meets your needs and your expectations.

Let SEO Spaces help you with a fast, focused and function website.

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